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About Eternal Jobs

At Eternal Jobs, we specialise in providing effective global recruitment solutions, for both candidates and organisations alike. As a team, we hold many years of widespread knowledge and expertise within the education, business and technology sectors and therefore we fully understand the frustrations that are faced when trying to recruit the correct candidate or when finding the job that you feel truly excited about waking up to on a Monday morning. This expertise provides us with the ability to comprehensively support you throughout the complete process from CV writing through to your successful application. We are able to combine our knowledge of the recruitment process, the demands on you as the candidate and the necessity of a user-friendly platform to ensure the process of finding a new employee or a new occupation is as stress free as possible.

Eternal Jobs is a unique service, which allows you total control over your recruitment process and permits you to contact candidates directly through the site, whilst being able to view their profiles and self-assessments of skills and abilities. We offer an innovative way for organisations of all sizes to post jobs, search for candidates and track any 'vacant' or 'closed' positions that have been previously posted. For our candidates, we offer a quick and easy method to search for current vacancies, upload your CV and track any applications that you have already submitted. Furthermore, we offer you with the chance to customise your profile to showcase your personality, skills and aspirations. 

As a team, we aim to reduce the time, cost and stress involved with recruitment by linking you with the candidates that best meet your individual needs, and unlike other platforms, we are providing organisations with a candidate search facility, which will allow you to individually select the candidate that best suit the needs of your organisation. We are here to help organisations of all sizes and candidate of all industries as we strongly believe that careers matter and emphasise that there is the perfect match out there for everyone.